The Metropolitan Museum of Art is letting you download 50,000 art books for free

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (otherwise known as ‘The Met’) is an absolute mammoth art museum – the biggest in the USA, in fact.

Now, making a trip over to New York can be a bit pricey… and staying there long enough to properly peruse that gargantuan property is near impossible. Though thankfully, the museum has uploaded a huge range of books to its Digital Collections… 50,000 to be exact.

The iconic Metropolitan Museum of Art are opening their digital collection of 50,000 art books for download… free of charge.

Well shit. This is undoubtedly more books than either you or I could read in a lifetime… but I’m sure it’ll be fun giving it a crack, hey?

Through this insane collection you’ll find extremely rare books from early Soviet Russia, Bergdorf Goodman sketches, manuals from early cameras, and a whole lot more. Seriously this thing will take days to get through.

So, if you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands, have a browse through the insanely large collection here.

Via Open Culture.