Want to shoot our Issue 8 Launch Party? The ACP are putting on an epic course that’ll let you do just that

Fancy yourself a live music photographer? Well, thanks to The ACP, the time has finally come to you to hone your skills alongside the best.

The Australian Centre of Photography are offering you a rare opportunity to study the approaches and techniques of shooting live music… and then to go out and shoot our Issue 8 Launch Party at The Lady Hampshire later this month.

Photo: Bill Green

We’re partnering with The ACP to give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go out and shoot live music alongside one of the best in the industry.

Taking you through the course will be professional photographer Bill Green, and through the course, you’ll be introduced to the techniques of shooting in low-light conditions, and taught to consider artistic, commercial or documentary intent.

Then, instead of just heading home with a notebook full of information… you’ll head out to our next epic launch party and shoot some of the great bands playing on the night.

The lineup includes such bands as Shining Bird, Zeahorse, Sunscreen, SOOK, Good Pash, Aela Kae, and more.

Grab all the info you need over at the ACP website. We’ll see you at the party.