The Montreals new single is a colourful summertime indie-pop anthem

Adelaide’s disco-drenched indie-pop exports The Montreals have a knack for crafting colourful sonic gems, with catchy hook-driven tunes that are honey-sweet and drenched in sunshine.

The Montreals have doubled-down on the fun and careening melodies on their new single Lilac, I Think, the first off their forthcoming EP Horror Movies.

Inject a dose of sunshine into your life with The Montreals’ new track Lilac, I Think, a vibrant indie-pop track that swirls with neon colour.

Ahead of the release of their forthcoming EP Horror Movies, The Montreals release their buoyant and playful new track Lilac, I Think. Drenched in warm and colourful textures akin to UK contemporaries including Dayglow and Wallows, this hook-driven track is laden with danceable, addictive sounds and melodies.

Navigating themes of conflict and personal resolution, the band utilises their usual bright musical disposition, despite putting otherwise darker material at the core of their songwriting. In doing so, they prove that heavier topics don’t always need a heavier tone.

“Lilac, I Think dabbles with issues of interpersonal and interpersonal conflict, but in a super fun, approachable way,” said The Montreals of their EP.

“We are all pretty darn good at handling ourselves when things are going well, but how we deal with conflict is really defining. Are you a pacifist? Do you embrace conflict? Do you avoid it entirely? Conflict is a motif that sort of dances through the entire Horror Movies EP.” 

Lilac, I Think is a truly addictive track, with infectious hooks, electrifying synth melodies and bop-worthy moments, it’s the kind of music that gets you yearning for the summertime. This track feels irresistibly carefree, with catchy melodies layered upon shimmering, kaleidoscopic swirls of sound, it’s saturated in youthfulness and mischief.

Check out the new single below:

Lilac, I Think marks an exciting step forward into new territory for The Montreals, as they continue to flourish within the indie-pop realm. Following on from supporting the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kingswood, as well as winning more fans at the South Australian leg of Groovin’ the Moo this year, the band are positioned perfectly to tackle the rest of this year with triumph.

With their debut EP Horror Movies well underway, it’ll be exciting to see what new material will come out of this incredibly diverse and dynamic band in the future. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and dive into their new single above.