The Pope hit up a record store in Rome and got a classical CD

Roman record store Stereosound were surprised by a visit from the pope who slipped out of the Vatican to bless the shop.

If we had to guess what type of music the pope listens to, we’d probably guess something classical. So it’s barely a surprise that his favourite genre is exactly that.

But it would be quite surprising to see Pope Francis rock up in downtown Rome and pop into a record store.

The Pope
Stereosound record store in Downtown Rome | Credit: AFP

The visit could have been kept under wraps, but luckily there was a reporter in the area who noticed the Popemobile parked outside the store.

Francis was inside the store for about 12 minutes, chatting with the owners who gave him a free CD.

Turns out, the owners have been friends with the pope before he was the figurehead of the Catholic Church, and had promised to visit their store.

A spokesperson from the Vatican told the press that the pope had gone to the store to bless it, as it had been recently renovated.

The gifted CD was Francis’ favourite genre, classical, which the pope has previously revealed he enjoys. His Argentine roots have also given him an appreciation for Tango which is a pretty priceless image.

Although it is a rare occasion, this isn’t the first time Pope Francis has visited shops in Rome.

In 2015 he ordered a pair of glasses from an optometrist in the Italian capital which were set to be delivered to the Vatican. But Francis saved them the trouble and went to pick them up himself.