The Prodigy release a heartfelt message about suicide prevention

It has been a few months since the shocking and tragic passing of The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint and we are still feeling the great loss.

Now, the band’s surviving members have released a statement on social media regarding mental health.

Using Instagram as a platform, the band has explained how hard it has been for them, Flint’s friends, family and fans, dealing with his death.

A coroner confirmed Flint’s cause of death to be suicide back in March after he was found dead in his Essex home. This has called for more discussion of the mental health of the artists and creators that we love and admire.

It has been a tough time for everyone over the last few weeks since Keef’s passing,” the band wrote.

If you are struggling with depression, addiction or the impact of suicide, please do not suffer in silence.

The Prodigy fully support the campaign to improve mental health for all and give it the respect it deserves.

Extending on this message, the band provided suicide hotline information. It is messages like these that we should take note of as we all try to navigate this world and its many impacts on our mental health.

Keith Flint will always be remembered for his artistry and iconic sound. Now hopefully a deeper message lies within his music.

Read their Instagram post below: