The Raiders of the Lost Ark score is getting a vinyl reissue but we reckon it belongs in a museum

In case you missed it, last year celebrated the 35th birthday of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the world’s action-packed and iconic first taste of the Indiana Jones franchise.

Directed by Stephen Spielberg, starring Harrison Ford as Indie and featuring an unforgettable score by the one and only John Williams. Now, that soundtrack is being prepped for a vinyl reissue thanks to Concord Music Group.

raiders of the lost ark vinyl reissue

Bring back the adventurous nostalgia of Indiana Jones in one big sound wave, as Raiders of the Lost Ark gets confirmed for a vinyl reissue.

Pressed on 180-gram vinyl, the double-LP will come housed in a gatefold jacket with original stills and artwork from the movie. It will also feature over 30 minutes of extended cues that were previously only available on the 2008 CD extended edition.

The Oscar-nominated score was the only one in the Indiana Jones series to feature a performance by the London Symphony Orchestra. For this latest re-release, the audio was put together by engineer Bernie Grundman, the same man who mastered the soundtrack for its initial release back in 1981.

Pre-orders are available via Amazon, and you can find the complete tracklist below. – Consequence of Sound.

Raiders of the Lost Ark Vinyl Reissue Tracklist:
01. In The Jungle
02. The Idol Temple
03. Escape From The Temple
04. Flight From Peru
05. Washington Men / Indy’s Home
06. A Thought For Marion / To Nepal
07. The Medallion
08. Flight To Cairo
09. The Basket Game
10. Bad Dates
11. The Map Room: Dawn
12. Reunion In The Tent / Searching For The Well
13. The Well Of The Souls
14. Indy Rides The Statue
15. The Fist Fight / The Flying Wing
16. Desert Chase
17. Marion’s Theme / The Crate
18. The German Sub
19. Ride To The Nazi Hideout
20. Indy Follows The Ark
21. The Miracle Of The Ark
22. Washington Ending / Raiders March

Earlier this year, John Williams also quietly became the most Oscar nominated person alive. What a legend.