Your mushie-bred mate psilocybin has just been to effectively treat depression

Psilocybin, the active psychedelic ingredient found in magic mushrooms, is being lauded as an alternative treatment to depression by Dr Mark Bolstridge, a clinical psychiatrist and honorary research associate at UCL.

Working with Professor David Nutt, president of the British Neuroscience Association, Bolstridge’s trial focused on a set if clinically depressed patients who hadn’t responded to prescription drugs.

psilocybin mushrooms depression treatment

The magic of mushrooms cast other spells: a prominent set of researchers are investigating psilocybin as a potential treatment for depression.

According to Tonic, the participants in this trial were not paid, simply because they didn’t want to be. They were sufferers of clinical depression who had applied out of “sheer desperation” after the ongoing ineffectiveness of anti-depressants.

The patients were given two doses of psilocybin, one week apart, to an overwhelmingly positive result.

Bolstridge’s study isn’t the first to consider magic mushrooms as a potential anti-depressant. It’s not even the first to be successful. With more and more illegal drugs being examined as potent methods of treatment, hopefully we as a society can see past the hedonistic stereotypes weighing these substances down and start experimenting with them more openly.

The people who want to take drugs are already taking them. Some people might need a dose of psilocybin, yet they still can’t get it.

Via Independent.