The results are in: heavy metal fans are most likely to get laid in their cars

Heavy metal fans are getting frisky in the back of their cars more than anyone else, according to a recent study conducted by ticket marketplace TickPick. 

The study revealed the musical habits that are most frequent amongst drivers and apparently, heavy metal fans are having more fun than the rest of us.

Heavy metal fans are most likely of all drivers to engage in sexual behaviour in their cars – even while the vehicle is still in motion.

Of the 900+ respondents who were included in the study, 75% of metal fans admitted to getting a little freaky in the bumper-to-bumper traffic. This included partnered sexual encounters but also solo fun, with 23% of men and 14% of women admitting to masturbating while still driving.

The study also revealed that the personality traits of a heavy metal fan might not be what you imagined; they are most likely to be gentle and imaginative – maybe a little impatient too? They were the most common group to park up and take full advantage of that empty back seat.

Interestingly, the study also reflected that heavy metal listeners aren’t likely to engage in aggressive behaviour or road rage – we can blame that on rap and reggae fans who were most likely to lose their cool on the roads. Constant music listeners were 52.8% more likely to agree that their music choice made them a little fast ‘n’ furious and Marvin Gaye was the most mentioned artist in relation to setting the mood.

It might not be so surprising that Ginuwine’s Pony’ was most frequently played song to set the mood during car sex, with women preferring to get down to R&B or soul, whereas men were into their classic rock. So no matter your music preferences, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous this new year, find yourself a heavy metal fan, a Marvin Gaye playlist, and park up baby.