“The rise and fall of Cheater Island”: a saga by ‘Fall Guys’

Fall Guys have taken fans on a wild journey through their ‘Cheater Island’ thread, tagging Netflix just in case they get a film deal out of it.

In an amusing thread on Twitter, Fall Guys have shared the story of their actions against the many cheaters plaguing their wonderful game. Alongside mentions of their Dev team’s hard work, their September 14th thread was a wild ride.

The saga starts with the explanation of having cheat detection built into the game, not banning anyone initially, “just gathering data carefully”. After determining that the software only picked up legitimate cheaters, they launched ‘Cheater Island’. This special island was to be filled with only criminals.

Fall Guys update trailer gameplay screenshot

Even when the cheaters realised they were tagged, instead of not cheating they just tried to work around it. Fall Guys stated that “we want people to have fun, but not at the expense of others”. So they kept lowering the threshold.

The tagging worked in a way that after a cheater was tagged, they could finish the game they were in, but then they would be sorted into matches with other cheaters. However, each game needs 40 or more players, so if there wasn’t enough cheaters in one region, the map wouldn’t load and the cheaters would continuously fall.

The cheaters would be stuck in the loading queue. Sometimes, people would complain about “falling forever”, so the Fall Guys team knew they were just cheaters stuck between matches. Unfortunately for the teams clearly waiting to see a Cheater’s Island match, there never seemed to be enough cheaters for a game, and the players were learning fast.

The team rejoiced when they finally got their first few Cheater Island matches… however it soon took a turn for the worse.

Even though Fall Guys knew the Cheater Island matches were happening, the players didn’t, and any videos that might have come out of Cheater Island matches were just making the game itself look broken. So instead, the team have made sure that cheaters are unable to login.

Fall Guys then announced their newly released mid-season update: ‘BIG YEETUS AND ANTI-CHEATUS’.

The ‘Anti-Cheatus’ section of the update is due to Fall Guys adding Epic’s Anti-Cheat to the game in order to ensure no more cheating.

The update also includes remixed gauntlet levels, and the brand-new inclusion of ‘Big Yeetus’, a giant hammer designed to yeet players across the map with gusto. A fine addition.

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