The Simpsons predicts the future yet again with Tom Hanks cameo

First Trump’s presidency, then the pandemic. Now, it appears that another Simpsons prediction has come true. This time, it’s about Tom Hanks.

In recent days, die-hard Simpsons fans have come out of the woodwork to declare that the beloved animated sitcom has made yet another successful prediction about the future. Honestly, we’re not surprised, considering the fact that this isn’t the first time, and it probably won’t be the last.

The long-running show has been credited in the past for unintentionally predicting some pretty iconic pop culture and world events, in a freakishly-uncanny way. Most famously, Donald Trump’s presidency, which came to fruition back in 2017.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Now, the latest premonition in question involves A-list actor Tom Hanks, who recently narrated a White House video, highlighting the accomplishments of Joe Biden’s administration during his first year as president. Since the video’s release, Simpsons fans have been drawing attention to some parallels between the video, and a scene from The Simpsons Movie, released in 2007.

The scene features an animated cameo from Hanks. Appearing as a spokesperson for the US government, the actor speaks the now-famous lines that have sparked this conspiracy over a decade later: “Hello, I’m Tom Hanks. The US government has lost its credibility so it’s borrowing some of mine.”

As it turns out, Simpsons fans aren’t the only ones pointing out the eerie similarities between the two media appearances that are 14 years apart. Even Texas Republican Ted Cruz joined in on the fun, sharing his amusement over the situation on social media. Over the weekend, Cruz tweeted, “The Simpsons did it first!”

With over 30 years in the running, the world-famous show has surprised us time and time again with its eerily-accurate portrayals of future events.

What’s next, we wonder? A real-life spider pig? If only.