The Skelton Collective paint silver linings on new track ‘Coffee And Hope’

Perth-based quartet The Skelton Collective never fail in creating charming alternative-pop hits which are sure to pull you in and leave you with a smile on your face. 

Their new single, Coffee & Hope, is another bop-worthy track, however behind its upbeat sound is an exploration of much more profound themes.

Through creative instrumentals and quirky lyricism, The Skelton Collective deliver a beautiful track which uncovers a glimmer of hope in times of darkness, leaving listeners to feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Rather than the more light-hearted themes explored in previous tracks such as Let The Good Times Roll and Choosing Happy, The Skelton Collective offer an intimate look into the more vulnerable side of the group. Coffee and Hope sees the group delve into the world of mental health, shining light on the group’s personal experiences with anxiety and other issues. 

However rather than enveloping itself in music more representative of darkness and isolation, The Skelton Collective have carefully crafted an optimistic and upbeat sound which works to represent the hope and support which can be offered to those who are suffering in dark times. Speaking about the positivity behind the track track the group stated: 

“I’ve always thought that music is a massive vehicle for change, but you need to lead by example. The conscious positivity in the music is to engage people with what we’re saying – you learn so much faster if you’re laughing than if you’re crying, as it were. So in putting some positive messages out into the world, maybe that’s our way of trying to turn human mentality around a little. We’re just using the band to spread a little happiness out there.” 

While so much music seems to dwell on the dark side, Coffee and Hope is so refreshing in nature, displaying itself as a testament to the profound power of optimism and positive thinking. 

While male vocals are sometimes featured in tracks by The Skelton Collective, Coffee and Hope offers an opportunity for the group’s incredible women to shine through. The tune also boasts catchy piano and percussion which leave you moving along light-heartedly while you fall deeply into the raw and honest lyricism of the track.

It would be challenging to reach the end of this catchy track without feeling uplifted in some way. Be sure to give Coffee and Hope a listen if you need a mood-boost, or even if you just want to bop along to a catchy, upbeat and sing-worthy tune!