The Space Between, Ellis Island and more: Happy’s Weekend Reading

The Space Between, Ellis Island, The Mother Fault, Having and Being Had and The Writer’s Library are the best new books for this weekend.

On the reading list: reflections on life as a twenty-something in The Space Between by Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald, plus Ellis Island by Małgorzata Szejnert, which brings the history of this significant slice of New York to life.

The Mother Fault is the new thriller from the pen of Kate Mildenhall, Having and Being Had by Eula Biss is a vital examination of values and how they’ve been affected by capitalism in the new millennium and The Writer’s Library shines a light on the books that make our favourite authors tick. Let’s check out the selection.

Ellis Island

The Space Between: Chaos. Questions. Magic. Welcome to Your Twenties by Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald

The makers of the hugely popular Shameless podcast, Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald reflect upon that period where you struggle to pay rent, dive into headlong casual romance and ignore anything that smacks of a day-job, aka your twenties. Think of it as a friendly survival guide. See Penguin for more.

The Space Between

Ellis Island: A People’s History by Małgorzata Szejnert

A feat of historical documentation, Ellis Island tells the story of this fabled strip of land through the experiences of the people who sought a new life in America. A prescient and thought-provoking book about hope, despair and what it means to find yourself in a new world. Via Scribe.

Ellis Island a People's history

The Mother Fault by Kate Mildenhall

A dystopian thriller set in the heart of Australia, The Mother Fault traces the story of Mim, whose husband has somehow gone missing, despite belonging to a population who are constantly tracked by the all-seeing eye of the government. For more, visit Simon & Schuster.

The Mother Fault

Having and Being Had by Eula Biss

Unpicking the quandaries of modern capitalism — not to mention how they intersect with notions of class, race and gender — is enough to have most of us reaching for the ‘too hard’ basket. Eula Biss dissects these fields with humour and humanity in a way that’s eminently relatable. Via Text.

Having and Being Had

The Writer’s Library by Nancy Pearl and Jeff Schwager

The Writer’s Library is joyful, illustrated deep dive into the bookshelves, libraries, and favourite haunts of a laundry list of contemporary authors, with everyone from Dave Eggers to Donna Tartt. To find out more, visit Harper Collins.

The Writer's Library