Check out Post Malone and Joe Rogan’s hectic, shroom-filled podcast

Post Malone has joined Joe Rogan on the latest episode of the comedian and UFC commentator’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. During the nearly four-hour chat, the pair revealed they had taken some psychedelic mushrooms before going to air.

Malone and Rogan discussed a variety topics during the podcast including micro-dosing, aliens, float tanks, goblins, and the size of Australian spiders.

post malone trips mushrooms on the joe rogan podcast

Post Malone was tripping on mushrooms during the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, leading to some interesting conversations.

Malone revealed he had been micro-dosing for a while but had recently switched to “shroomies chocolates”, which had inspired him to create a 2-hour long Coachella set based on the video game Roblox.

Tripping on mushrooms also didn’t stop the international hit-maker from smoking half a pack of darts and downing multiple beers during the chat. Some quality quotes from the episode include:

Rogan: “I think of weed like I think of  Wakeboarding. 

Malone: “If I saw a centipede I would die, instantly.”

Rogan: “If you do the right amount of mushrooms, get in a float tank, you can meet aliens.”

Malone: “Aliens are weird.”

Rogan: “Mice need to learn Jujitsu.”

Malone also discussed his VMA-nominated Nirvana tribute iso-concert that raised over $2.7 million for COVID-19 relief.

You can watch all 3 hours and 49 minutes of the chat below: