The Stone Apes created a playlist of their favourite alt indie rock tunes

Between running around the country entertaining fans and releasing tracks, The Stone Apes have taken a moment to make you a mixtape.

After recently finishing off a tour supporting Wolfmother and Thirsty Merc, The Stone Apes are having some downtime and naturally, they ended up listening to some tunes.

The fellas created their ‘Rage’ playlist full of sounds that inspire them and told us all about it.

The Stone Apes band

“This playlist follows a loose genre of alternative/indie rock with a sprinkle of psychedelia in there: echoing our sound and the sounds we are inspired to make.” The band said.

“Basically, it’s just a culmination of stuff we love and has influenced us.”

“The eclectic mix of artists and sounds gave me the idea to call it Rage after the early morning music program that we all grew to love as kids. It just elicits memories of foggy mornings in the cold with ‘Whip It’ by Devo blasting on the TV – somewhat of a fever dream.”

“There is also a cheeky reference to an old sega game called ‘Primal Rage’ as the cover – another reference to rage itself and the nostalgia surrounding it. Also, the jacked Ape on the front felt appropriate.”

Check out the full playlist below, featuring tracks from Ballpark Music, Soccer Mommy and Spacey Jane.

Since the release of The Stone Apes’ newest single Waste My Time, the band has caused a murmur in the music thin because it looks like they’re about to take this country by storm.

Check out Waste My Time below.