The Strokes have put their Bernie Sanders t-shirts on sale

The Strokes have teamed up with presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders to create an eye-catching t-shirt range.

The striking graphic, designed by Kii Arens, is described on Bernie’s website as a “spin-off of the well-known album cover from the American rock band, The Strokes, spelled out as Bernie Sanders.”

Following a memorable performance at the Bernie Sanders rally in February, the Strokes t-shirt collaboration has been continued for anyone who missed out.

The black T-shirts were originally produced as concert memorabilia for Sanders’ ‘Get out the Vote Rally’ where The Strokes performed in New Hampshire on February 10th, just months before their new album The New Abnormal is set to be released.  However, due to the t-shirt’s popularity and ever-growing friendship between the presidential candidate and the band, the merchandise is now on sale to the general public.

The band advertised the collaboration on their Instagram; writing that “We had such an overwhelming response from people wanting to get their own Bernie Sanders / The Strokes shirt that those kind people @berniesanders made even more”.

Whilst there is an overriding sense of support and encouragement amongst Strokes supporters; the merchandise has not been without its criticism. Of course, any outward political affiliation from such a high-profile band is going to divide even the most loyal fans. Some were quick to attack Bernie’s socialism and one even called The Strokes “Sellouts” for teaming up with the Democratic front-runner. Nevertheless, the T-shirts are cool and you can’t knock the band for trying to use their reach and platform to help Bernie and, as lead vocalist Julian Casablancas hopes, “overthrow corporate power and help return America to democracy”.

Anyone who missed out on the concert, or is a big strokes fan and “Bernie Bro” can now purchase one now from Sander’s campaign website here.