The super moon missed her time to shine, but we have some tunes to keep you partying on

With the hype built by astrologers and astronomers this week, stargazers were expecting lunacy on the eve of Monday’s super moon.

It was the closest a full moon has been to our Earth since 1948, but cloudy skies and mounted expectations made the celestial phenomenon a little shy, maybe even a little… underwhelming?

super moon

Disappointed by the super moon? Lift your attitude up out of the atmosphere with these 7 moon-related bangers.

The internet was pretty upset by the whole fiasco, with expectation vs reality memes crowding our newsfeeds. If unmet expectations are having you feeling as blue as the moon, we got you covered.

Here are a few of the best moon-themed tunes to get you grooving through this trying time.

I Have The Moon – The Magnetic Fields (1994)

The Magnetic Fields combines their synth-pop vibe with country music influences to create this vampire-inspired classic.

Moon Song – My Bloody Valentine (1991)

This dream-like tune uses heavy reverb on the guitar, free rhythm and lyrics that bring all the feels to give you an ethereal experience.

Standing on The Moon – The Grateful Dead  (1989)

This masterpiece delivers chilling vocals and an anthemic chorus to have you rocking on.

Full Moon – The Kinks (1977)

Written during The Kinks’ arena rock phase, this upbeat ripper unites a killer bass line with flawless vocals, perfect for a late night star gazing session.

Moondance – Van Morrison (1970)

Van the Man’s most notable classic provides an infectious beat and stream-of-consciousness melody to catalyse the rhythm and blues genre.

Dancin’ in the Moonlight – King Harvest (1973)

A chart topper and a mood lifter, this joyful celebration of life combines contagious rhythms with rich harmonies to keep you grooving.

Marquee Moon – Television (1977)

10 minutes of curling guitar madness.