The Weeknd takes us to church in controversial Super Bowl Halftime show

The Weeknd has well and truly put the Grammys to shame, delivering a stellar Super Bowl performance. However, many viewers have pointed out one glaring issue.

Following a year in the headlines, The Weeknd has capped off the run of his 2020 record After Hours with his biggest performance to date. Serving up a number of his biggest hits, the artist (real name Abel Tesfaye) splashed millions on the larger-than-life Super Bowl backdrop, a full orchestra, choir, and back-up dancers.

However, many viewers have called out the artist for the set’s poor sound mixing, resulting in Tesfaye’s vocals being swallowed.

the weeknd tinder

Not only did Tesfaye have to top Shakira and J-Lo’s iconic 2020 performance under the strain of Covid, but his performance was supposed to cap the standard 13-minute set by an extra 14-minutes. Throw in poor sound quality and The Weeknd was left in a bit of hot water.

“Is it me or does the weeknd sound terrible right now?” one viewer tweeted.

Regardless, the artist delivered stunning visuals and an explosive performance. “Hey at least we know he was live! The Weeknd handled it super well but I’m so deaf I had to turn up my surround sound,” one fan wrote.

Check out the full Super Bowl performance below: