The Witch Queen: everything we know about Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion

Bungie have announced their upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, The Witch Queen, revealing a new game mode, a first-person melee weapon, and much more.

During Bungie’s massive showcase earlier today, the developers revealed a whole host of additions to be implemented into Destiny 2 when its expansion The Witch Queen is released on the 22nd of February, 2022.

It promises players weapon crafting for an already expansive list of loot, a new Legendary Mode to participate in, a new six-player activity, a new raid and apparently, “much, much more.” With an already exciting list, the possibility of even more is just the icing on top. That’s a lot to look forward to while you’re hunting for Atlas Skews or chasing Ager’s Scepter.

Destiny 2 the witch queen glaive
Image: Bungie / Destiny 2

New content

The Witch Queen herself, Savathûn, appears to be using the Light against players in this upcoming campaign, empowering her Lucent Hive Guardians and supposedly weaving a “web of lies” that players must untangle and uncover. It’s in the campaign itself that we’ll have the option to “sweat it out” using the new Legendary Mode.

But of course, with increased difficulty comes increased rewards and gear, as well as “bragging rights”, which probably translates to extra achievements for those completionists out there.

But that’s not all The Witch Queen has to offer. The Destiny 2 expansion promises to give players the ability to craft their own weapons, including what they describe as “Destiny’s first and only first-person melee weapon”, the Glaive. A new class of energy weapon, the Glaive will allow players to utilise “melee combos, mid-ranged projectiles, and defensive capabilities”, plus class-specific attacks to be explained in future updates.

Of course, the crafting doesn’t stop with just the Glaive – all of The Witch Queen’s weapons and Seasonal weapons are also included. Better still, Bungie adds that it will even let you “hunt for specific perks”.

Last but certainly not least, the developers make a quick mention of both a new six-player activity and a new raid. Unfortunately, we don’t know much else, but we’ve been told that the six-player activity will use matchmaking. As for the raid, we’ve got only a teaser so far. Bungie describes a “sunken Pyramid” located on The Witch Queen’s Throne World, where players will have to “confront the ancient danger imprisoned within”.

The Witch Queen release date and pre-orders

The Witch Queen will release on February 22nd, 2022 – a nice, aesthetic date. This follows the current season, Season of the Lost, and an upcoming 30th anniversary Bungie event which commences in December. With all that in mind, those wanting to pre-order the expansion now have a few options.

The Standard Edition includes all the shiny new expansion content (campaign, the Glaive, weapon crafting, new raid, Exotic gear, and the new 6-player activity), while the Deluxe Edition includes all of that plus an Exotic SMG (with a catalyst and ornament), access to Seasons 16 through 19, the Throne World Exotic Sparrow, and access to two forthcoming Year 5 dungeons.

If you’ve got that little extra to spend, the Deluxe Edition 30th Anniversary Bundle includes everything already listed, plus a ton of items relating to Bungie’s 30th anniversary in December.

Players who pre-order any edition of The Witch Queen will also instantly receive the Throne World Exotic Ghost Shell, The Enigma Exotic emote, and a Legendary Emblem.

All three pre-order options are available now.


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