There’s a 1 in 7.5 million chance that Mario will survive this level

A diabolical Super Mario Maker level designed by a creator named Phenotype has been played 2.6 million times, and not one player has lived to tell the tale.

The ‘Lucky Draw’ level is governed entirely by chance. While nobody has beaten the level yet, there’s undoubtedly a possibility (if the magikoopas align, so to speak).

Mario maker impossible level

The odds of the Italian plumber surviving this Wii U side-scrolling Mario Maker level are precisely one in 7.5 million, but who’s counting?

Reddit user sass253 is certainly counting. After some wickedly comprehensive analysis, they’ve figured out that there is a way to win.

“Want a 50-50 chance of beating it? Start the level, put your Wii U aside, and check it around the 4th of July — next year. Want a 90% chance of clearing it? Start the level and hope you make it to February 2023 without any power outages.”

To get out alive, players don’t have to do anything at all. Mario cannot jump, spin, or run like he usually would. Upon entering the level, players wait to die and then respawn. They do this again and again until all of the variables align.

The challenge has become a lottery for Mario Maker players, with hundreds of thousands of players trying their luck and meeting a fiery death.

According to the creator, someone will eventually find the golden ticket out of the hell-chamber that is ‘Lucky Draw’. Whether it’s next week, or in a decade, the math will eventually align in Mario’s favour.

Until then, boil the kettle and watch the cathartic livestream here:

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