There’s a new doco on the way about the murder that inspired ‘Twin Peaks’

In 1908, Hazel Drew was tragically murdered in Sand Lake, New York. This sparked the basis for the hit TV series Twin Peaks, co-created by David Lynch and Michael Frost.

Now, the intriguing murder will be the inspiration for a new documentary and non-fiction book, both titled Blonde, Beautiful And Dead: The Murder Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks.

hazel drew, murder, documentary

The murder of Hazel Drew is the inspiration for a doco and non-fiction book titled Blonde, Beautiful And Dead: The Murder Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks.

Production company Metabook Entertainment confirmed to MovieMaker Magazine that the documentary will be directed by Benjamin Alfonsi. The production company has stated the documentary will “investigate the secrets, corruption and gender politics one small-town community tried to keep buried” of this young woman’s heartbreaking passing. There is currently no indication of release date.

Benjamin Alfonsi, the director of notable works such as Skeleton Boy and Rêve Fantastique, said “It’s been incredibly rewarding to see Hazel’s story take on a life of its own. I hope this documentary will give her a voice on screen that she didn’t have in real life.”

The non-fiction book of the same title will be written by David Bushman and Mark Givens with a foreword by Mark Frost. Publishing company Amazon Publishing is planning to release the book in winter of 2021.

In a joint statement given to MovieMaker Magazine, Bushman and Givens said, “Although we both came to this story initially through our fascination with Twin Peaks, we have come to realize — in the years we have spent investigating the murder of Hazel Drew — that this is an incredibly gripping and scandalous murder mystery in its own right.”

For more information about the book and documentary, head to Metabook Entertainment.