Third Man Records cracks Kanye West’s ‘AR 1331 A’ serial code mystery

At the end of last month, Kanye West released his 9th studio album Jesus Is King. Of the many fantastic easter eggs that would come of a Kanye release, one of the most perplexing and difficult to trace was a serial code on the album artwork that read ‘AR 1331 A.’

Today, Ben Blackwell, archivist and co-founder of Nashville based record label Third Man Records, has cracked the code and took to Third Man Records’ Twitter account to spread his glorious findings with the world.

A Jesus Is King easter egg has been cracked by Third Man Records’ archivist and Detroit music historian, Ben Blackwell.

It’s the Archer Records (AR) pressing plant code assigned to this 1970 Detroit gospel single.” In their tweet, Third Man includes a picture of the A-side of the 45 single by singer Rubye Shelton. The side contains two tracks: I Want the World to Know Jesus and God’s Going to Destroy This Nation.

Jesus Is King contains no samples of the 45 single or the artist Rubye Shelton and the single in question is extremely rare. Hopefully, we will see the single surfacing soon so us Kanye nerds can satisfy our never-ending curiosities.