Surprise, Rage Against The Machine just announced 5 reunion shows

It’s official, Rage Against The Machine are getting back together for a run of five American tour dates in 2020. If there was ever a time we needed Rage back

First My Chemical Romance, and now this. Can someone please confirm it’s not 2007 right now?

rage against the machine reunion
Photo: Danny Clinch

It’s confirmed. Seminal rap-rock band Rage Against The Machine will return to stages in full force next year, including two performances at Coachella.

The band created an Instagram page yesterday, posting a single photo with a set of five tour dates as the caption. Hours later, the official Rage Against The Machine Twitter page confirmed the dates were real.

The dates swing through a few US cities before landing in Indio, California for two performances one week apart from each other. These are all but confirmed to be headline slots at Coachella 2020 judging by the dates, location, and the festival’s usual format of two performances from headlining artists.

If you’re in the US, congratulations, this shit is once in a lifetime. The rest of us can simply hope this reemergence sees the band undertaking a few more dates in the near future.

Tour Dates

El Paso, TX March 26, 2020
Las Cruces, NM March 28, 2020
Phoenix, AZ March 30, 2020
Indio, CA April 10, 2020
Indio, CA April 17, 2020