This isn’t normal: 16 of Apple Music’s Top 20 are songs from Drake or Ed Sheeran

I hope you haven’t released a single, EP or album in the last few weeks, because the market is seeing complete and utter domination from Drake and Ed Sheeran. Apple Music seems to have been hit the hardest, with 16 of their top 20 tracks coming from those two artists.

Other streaming services are seeing similar statistics. A congratulations to both artists is certainly deserved, but such a complete saturation from such a small number opens up a few questions.

apple music spotify ed sheeran drake

Ed Sheeran and Drake have dominated the charts like never before this week, with Apple Music being the most saturated of the lot.

It goes to show that name alone can sell a shitload of albums, which isn’t a particularly new phenomenon, but something which has recently been highlighted by a vocalised pop dominance.

While the reactions to Drake’s new record More Life seem to have been overwhelmingly positive, Sheeran’s ÷ has been slammed as unoriginal, uninventive and downright derivative by some of the biggest tastemakers in the world. And that was before the plagiarism scandal (promptly covered up by Sheeran’s team).

That they sit side by side is strange indeed.

However Drake remains king of Spotify, taking 6 of the 10 spots in their Global Top 50:

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 1.16.23 PM

Yesterday, it was even worse: 18 of the top 20 were Sheeran and Drake.