Three New Aussie and Kiwi releases we are digging right now

We’re diving into the latest releases from three talented artists from New Zealand and Australia

Turn your ears to the freshest tracks from here and across the Tassie, and check out the new releases from this trio of talents from NZ and Aus.

Emily Wurramara, serves up her enchanting new single ‘Lordy Lordy,’ Kiwi sensation Kimbra drops a poignant gem, and Melbourne’s R&B maestro Agung Mango smashes boundaries with his latest release.

agung mango new music

Agung Mango – “The Moth Prefers The Moon”

Agung Mango’s latest track, “The Moth Prefers The Moon,” is a deep dive into his evolving rap-rock realm. The track teases his upcoming album IN BELLY WE TRUST, blending raw, industrial vibes with introspective bars. Channeling the darkness and complexity akin to Paris Texas and N.E.R.D., Mango explores the psyche of a ghostly figure, using the moth and moon as metaphors for transformation and rebirth.

Partnering with Violet in a gritty Brunswick East warehouse, Mango’s latest is a potent blend of cultural and spiritual exploration. IN BELLY WE TRUST is set to mark a pivotal chapter in Mango’s journey as an experimental artist.

Emily Wurramara – “Lordy Lordy” (ft. Tasman Keith)

Emily Wurramara’s new single, “Lordy Lordy,” featuring Tasman Keith, ventures boldly into uncharted sonic territory. This track, a precursor to her upcoming album NARA, fuses pop and electronic elements with Wurramara’s trademark storytelling and powerhouse vocals.

Dubbed a “protest club song,” it confronts social injustice and systemic racism, underscoring Wurramara’s dedication to advocacy and truth-telling. The stunning music video, directed by ARIA Award winner Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, showcases traditional dancers against the backdrop of Larrakia Country, reinforcing the track’s message of resilience. NARA is shaping up to be an expansive exploration of Wurramara’s personal and professional odyssey.

Kimbra – “Stuff I Don’t Need” (ft. BANKS)

Kimbra’s latest offering, “Stuff I Don’t Need,” featuring BANKS, is a striking addition to her forthcoming album Idols & Vices (Vol. 1). The track’s minimalist approach to materialism and self-reflection is enhanced by Kimbra’s ethereal vocals and sparse, atmospheric production. BANKS’ haunting contribution adds an extra layer of intensity, amplifying the song’s themes of simplicity and self-awareness.

Idols & Vices (Vol. 1) promises to delve into the intricacies of digital identity and celebrity culture, following Kimbra’s introspective 2023 release A Reckoning. With features from heavyweights like Skrillex and Dawn Richard, Kimbra’s new album is set to push the boundaries of genre and lyrical depth.