Throw on the deerstalker: let’s take a punt at uncovering Bad Friday’s mystery performance

Bad Friday may have been around since 2010, but they’ve never had at it like they’re going to this year. Turning the holiest Friday into something far more devilish, the one day fest is once again hosting a haphazard crew of musical legends from Sydney’s Inner West and beyond.

Of course, all the details are out in the great internet ether; the lineup, the venue, the video… all the details except one.

bad friday the last waltz

Why are the Bad Friday crew being so secretive about a special performance this year? Who will be playing?

For those of you who missed the news, Bad Friday 2017 is hosting a mystery performance by ‘A Band’, a tribute act so great they don’t even fucking exist yet.

The hour long performance will see a group of local musos take on The Last Waltz, the seminal 1976 sendoff performance from The Band and the gnarliest concert movie that’s ever been made.

It’s huge, most definitely a film that should be played loud. Featuring performances from Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Eric Clapton and heaps more, it’s essential viewing for any live music fan. Oh, and it was directed by Martin Scorsese.

What I’m trying to say is that whoever appreciates the cultural magnitude and historical value of The Last Waltz  probably pissed themselves at the thought of a tribute performance. A ton of band members on the lineup will contribute to the show, but it’s more the allure of so-called ‘Special Guests’ that has us seething with expectation.

Seeing Tommy from DMA’s take up a Rick Danko impression or Bec Sandridge stepping into Joni Mitchell’s shoes would turn the gears for sure, but the magnetism of the unknown always bites the hardest.

So we asked Bad Friday. Who will it be? What we got was a clue.

And that clue was to pay very, very close attention to the above video. The words “Inner West All Star Band” were also thrown around, along with the promise that there will also be special guests who aren’t in the video above.

So, pack your pipe and throw on the deerstalker, let’s dig in to this goddamn clip. There’s members from lineup bands DMA’s, The Jezabels, Green Buzzard and Scabz, but notably guest appearances from like of Sticky Fingers.

Who, when you think about it, have been notably quiet of late. I don’t want to point fingers, but rehearsing a one hour set full of covers with a bunch of local talent takes some time… take from that what you will. Plus, Freddy Crabs could totally pull off Garth Hudson.

Notable Inner Westie alumni from Bad Fridays past include The Lulu Raes, These New South Wales (who just dropped a single, coincidence?), and the rarely reunited Upskirts, among others.

Whoever takes out the slot, the tribute has us stoked beyond usual comprehension. Warm yourselves up for Friday by sussing out The Last Waltz in its entirety if you haven’t already (or if you have), and spinning your brain out over the potential ‘special guests’.

Who’s going to be playing the show exactly? We’ve slung our guesses around. If you have any better ideas, let us know.

Secretly though, we’re just hoping Shining Bird will be taking out the whole hour.


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