The Fleetwood Mac skateboarder is selling his iconic TikTok as an NFT

Remember the iconic TikTok of the skateboarder cruising along to Fleetwood Mac, sipping Cran-Raspberry juice? Well, he’s auctioning off his iconic TikTok as an NFT.  

TMZ has reported that the iconic video, created by Nathan Apodaca, is being auctioned off as an NTF. Bids aren’t cheap though, reportedly starting at $500,000. The TikTok is expected to auction off for much more.

There is just one catch, and it is quite a big one. For no less than $500,000 the video is yours… just without the Fleetwood Mac song. HUH? As Nathan doesn’t own the rights to the music, the 23-second video will be accompanied by the original audio that was recorded on his phone. Pretty sure half the appeal of the video was taken away, but hey, the soothing ASMR-like sound of the skateboard gliding down the road, paired with slurps and gulps should be enough, right?

fleetwood mac dreams tiktok

The video was huge and even had Stevie Nicks herself trying out the trend. But $500,000 sounds like a lot in the scheme of things when we’re talking about a TikTok video. Apparently not in the world of cryptocurrency. NFT, which stands for a non-fungible token, is composed of non-interchangeable units that can represent digital art, audio-video, and other forms of creative art. Essentially, it means that if a company wishes to buy the video, they are allowed to have the full gain of the viral TikTok.

NFTs have been gaining huge popularity on TikTok, creators on the platform labelled NFTs as the future of digital art. The Tab explains that TikToks being sold as NFTs is actually a smart move in terms of copyright. Buying a TikTok as an NFT allows counterfeiting or illegally reproducing the creator’s unique videos to be very difficult.

The TikTok star plans to use the money to buy a home for his parents as well as funding a new event centre in his hometown of Idaho Falls.