‘Titanfall 2’ is exploding in popularity thanks to ‘Apex Legends’

Despite being officially available to the public since 2016, Titanfall 2 is currently experiencing a massive resurgence in popularity on Steam.

Titanfall 2 is another game from Respawn Entertainment, the company behind Apex Legends, which was listed on our top 10 games to play in isolation. The first Titanfall game in 2014 received much critical acclaim, though its sequel left much to be desired due to its competition.

Barring its unceremonious launch however, the first-person shooter game has soared to new heights in recent weeks. Currently, the highest record for the Titanfall 2 player base was a live count of 16,958 users on Steam. Compared to its usual average of 1,940 daily users in March 2021, this indicates an increase of over 650%.

Titanfall 2

There are various factors attributed to this, though the main two seem to be related to affordability and Apex Legends. Being an EA title, although the game has been featured on promotional EA packages like this one, Titanfall 2 would still have cost our wallets dearly.

But on the weekend starting on April 17th, players could download the game on Steam at a heavily discounted price. It was 75% off – hallelujah to the people who managed to snag that bargain.

Apex Legends was most definitely one of the biggest factors, though. During announcements for its ninth season, the Titanfall universe was officially revealed to be integrated with that of Apex Legends.

When presenting the battle royale’s new season, Valkyrie, a new legend for the game was introduced to carry the bloodline of Titanfall’s piloting super soldiers. A new mysterious character representing the ‘Legacy’ of Apex also had ties to Titanfall 2 because of its former cameo in-game.

“Titanfall is a war story, Apex is life after the war; we’re trying to integrate Titanfall into that. We’re looking at what Titanfall means for this universe. It has lasting impacts that are going to become bigger and bigger,” said the developers at Respawn Entertainment.

“In an era where it feels like the majority of shooters either have single-player or multiplayer tacked on, Titanfall 2 is the full package. The top-tier campaign has nearly perfect pacing, and the subtle revisions and additions to the multiplayer make it better than ever. For first-person shooter fans, Titanfall 2 is a must-play.”

A resurgence in popularity also means hope for Titanfall fans, because there are now fresh speculations for a third instalment officially being revealed.

You can join in on the fun at Steam and download Titanfall 2 by visiting the store here.