EA Access coming to Steam: what it means for you

Electronic Arts (EA) and Valve’s Steam are two of the biggest names in the gaming community. Previously exclusive to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC, EA Access will be coming to Steam soon.

This deal will give Steam users the option to subscribe to EA Access for games and bonus additional content.

EA ACcess Steam star wars Battlefront II

Valve and EA will partner up, with EA Access officially coming to Steam. Expect games, exclusive content, early access, additional discounts, and more.

EA Access has existed for quite some time now, highly recommended for fans of EA games as it gives a lot of value for players. The subscription on Steam will include popular titles such as Titanfall 2, the Battlefield series, The Sims 4, and the Need for Speed series, which will be all available for download and play. Do keep in mind that as of now, Origin still has the exclusive rights to the premium tier of the subscription where games out of EA are offered, whereas Steam does not.

In addition to accessing games from EA, players will also be able to access further discounts, rewards, and trials – for instance EA Access give subscribers the option to purchase DLC content or season passes at a 10% discount. Member-only rewards for in-game content will also be given. Up to 10 hours of content for new-release games will also be available, and all progression from the early access will carry over upon the game’s official release.

For  $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year, this deal is certainly to be considered by anyone who is looking to save money. Subscriptions like these (the most popular being the Humble Bundle deals) are known for providing a collection of games at a significantly lower cost — you just don’t get to keep the games in most cases.

Visit the Steam store for more information.