Tool slammed by fans for $810 deluxe ‘Fear Inoculum’ vinyl

After major backlash from fans, Tool have slashed the $810 price tag off their deluxe Fear Inoculum vinyl box set.

Following last week’s announcement to sell an uber-deluxe vinyl version of their fifth studio album, Fear Inoculum for $810 USD, Los-Angeles based progressive metal band, Tool, were met with enraged responses by fans on social media.

The deluxe box set comprises five autographed vinyl discs, with music on one side and art etched on the other.

Credit: RCA Records

Initially released in 2019, Fear Inoculum was the group’s first album drop in 13 years and was well-received by their enduring fanbase.

Despite the album’s popularity though, the announcement of Tool’s forthcoming vinyl adaptation was met with an equal amount of fury as it was with excitement. This was due to its heavily-protested $810 USD price tag, and the fact that it’s only available to people who’ve bought Toolarmy VIP tickets for their upcoming shows.

Credit: Travis Shinn via Metal Hammer

The band first made the announcement on Instagram, posting a video of the box set and declaring, “some late-breaking news.”

Among the flood of comments that ensued underneath the post, one person wrote, “any chance of a non-silly variant to, you know, just be able to listen to on a record player?” 


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That, however, was pretty tame compared to other remarks. After a chain of threats were deployed by Tool fans on Reddit, the iconic 90’s rock group had no choice but to cave under the pressures of the internet army. They have since reduced the cost of the deluxe set from $810 USD to $710 USD.

As you can see, the dedicated members of Reddit’s r/ToolBand page are pretty proud of themselves for this achievement. Mission accomplished, guys!