Top 10 words that best describe KRUMPLE KRINK and his music

The creative journey of fast-rising hitmaker, KRUMPLE KRINK is fascinating to watch. Here are 10 of the best words to describe it.

Multi-talented musician and producer, KRUMPLE KRINK is rising from strength to strength. Following the release of his invigorating psych-pop hit, Fear Of Death earlier this month, we caught up with the Perth artist to discuss his awe-inspiring creative and production process.

With a debut EP on the horizon, we continue to watch his musical journey unfold, as he sets out to “create a new sound that you’ve never heard before.” With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 adjectives that best describe the psychedelic hitmaker and his music.

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#1 – Elusive

What is KRUMPLE KRINK? Better yet, Who is KRUMPLE KRINK? What does the name mean, if anything at all? Well, we like to compare its ambiguous, undefinable quality to the diverse array of sounds and themes explored within his music, which refuse to bow down to the barriers of one specific genre.

As described by the artist himself, his latest track, Fear Of Death is “almost embedded in a question mark.” He says, “I think the beauty of music comes from people’s personal meanings that they attach to the song. While I’m writing the song, that meaning belongs to me, but as soon as it lands on someone else’s ears, they own the song and get to create their own meaning from it.”


#2 – Molten

As though he were a musical magician, KRUMPLE KRINK skillfully fuses seemingly-opposing ideas, feelings and genres into one song; creating an effortless, sonically-soothing masterpiece that pulls from a myriad of influences. It’s exactly why his latest single, Fear Of Death carries you along a river of sound, before melting you into a sea of intense colour. But why does he choose to produce music in such a way?

“Because life is complicated,” he tells us. “All aspects of our lives, good and bad, blend into our own, unique reality. At the same time, all of our lives blend into one shared experience on Earth.”

#3 – Delicate

Despite being excited and erratic, KRUMPLE KRINK is gentle in nature. His music holds a heaped spoonful of sounds that carry along a “point,” with a variety of flavours, each being bold, unique, and existing in a delicate balance. Every single element is on its own mission, while also playing a part in painting a big picture, though unaware of it. What sparked this style of composition was a love for psychedelic music.

“More than any artist or band, it was the concept of psychedelic music that intrigued me,” explains KRUMPLE KRINK. “My idea of psychedelic music is having all the elements of the song melt into each other, creating one big body of sound that moves as a whole. Within that big sound, there are several smaller sounds, each with their own distinct movement that characterises them, but all fitting harmoniously into the bigger sound that they all create together.”

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He continues, “this idea was challenging for me to do initially. I would write a guitar part that I really liked and wanted it to shine through in the song, but would have to almost sacrifice it in a way and let it sit further back in the song, to a point where no one would ever fully notice and appreciate it. However, I’ve realised that when playing alongside everything else in a more subtle and gentle way, it sounds almost more beautiful and intricate than when alone in its full glory, and plays a more vital role in the texture of the song.”

#4 – Empathetic

With its earnest, thought-provoking lyrics and perceptive, multilateral themes, Fear Of Death intuitively channels the unique thoughts, feelings and experiences of the listener: “It wants to understand you. It feels like it does. It is true to itself while still relating to what you feel.”

KRUMPLE KRINK continues, “these songs are your songs, and the way you hear them becomes the way I do. You feel it in you, and I feel you in me.” 

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#5 – Uneasy

“Something feels a bit off here…I can’t tell what it is, but something is not quite right,” he tells us. “It’s not bad though…In fact, I kind of like it…I kind of want it to continue.” 

A couple of years ago, KRUMPLE KRINK (aka Yannai Goldberg) embarked on a new musical journey. After spending a period of time gigging around the city of Perth as a percussive acoustic guitarist, Yannai decided to broaden his musical horizons by working with a new, diverse range of unchartered sounds.


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This led to the birth of KRUMPLE KRINK; his newly-launched project and moniker, as well as a forthcoming, self-titled EP.

Speaking on the new project, Yannai told us: “I am extremely excited to finally release KRUMPLE KRINK after a couple of years of hard preparation and exploration of a wide array of sounds. This project is my biggest passion in life, and I have worked tirelessly to create a new sound that you’ve never heard before.”

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# 6 – Alive

Self-produced in his ever-evolving home studio, KURMPLE KRINK breathes life into each project, with personal touches that go the extra mile: “I turned one of the rooms in my house into a studio, I took the doors off a wardrobe and turned it into a vocal booth. I also keep an amp and my pedals there, guitars and bass of course, as well as a synth, a drum machine and a couple other weird sound devices. Besides that, it’s just nerdy audio equipment I use for recording my music.”

He continues, “my home studio is a constant work in progress, so the way it looks now is very different to how it will look in a year’s time. I’ll do a tour of it at some point that I’ll post to social media. But to me, more interesting than how it looks is how it sounds, and I’ll be sure to answer that question thoroughly in the next few years as I continue to record and release music.”


For each lively, dynamic tune, KRUMPLE KRINK’s goal is to create music that is like “a breath of fresh air. A barefoot walk on soft grass. A subtle sway that creeps up on you. A thumping beat possessing life. It’s alive, it’s breathing, it sings, it dances.”

#7 – Nervous

Ah, nervousness. Every performer’s kryptonite, right? Well actually, it doesn’t have to be…

“Who said this was a bad thing?” explains KRUMPLE KRINK. “Celebrate that itching feeling of butterflies in your stomach that refuses to leave and slowly spreads around your body, dancing its way through your veins. Some call it the heebie-jeebies, I call it a nervous feeling. Live with it and enjoy it. It makes you human.”


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#8 – Excessive

As they say, go big or go home. And KRUMPLE KRINK agrees. When it comes to musical exploration, can there really be such as thing as ‘too much’ anyway?

“Why settle for just enough when you can go over the top?” he asks. “Enough is sensible, yet boring. Excessive may be unnecessary, but it’s certainly fun. Push your brain out of its comfort zone and force it to find a way to conceptualise this strange, complex new sound.”


#9 – Captivating

If we haven’t made it clear already, KRUMPLE KRINK’s music is utterly captivating. If you’ve not yet had a chance to check out his sensational single, Fear Of Death, pause time and live in whatever feeling it manifests.

Experience, explore or simply observe that before leaving the world of KRUMPLE KRINK and returning home from that glimpse of escapist paradise. Nourish your senses with his deep, evocative, layered, thought-provoking and revitalising hit. If Fear Of Death is only a taste of what to expect from his forthcoming EP, we can’t wait to hear the entire collection of tracks!

#10 – Excited

And last, but most certainly not least, excited. Is there a better feeling in the world? I mean, why else do we pursue anything?

With an impending EP in the works, excited is precisely what KRUMPLE KRINK is feeling about the next chapter of his music career: “You can’t contain this excitement,” he tells us. “Admittedly, sometimes it’s too much. Sometimes it’s excited to the point of being annoying. Sometimes though, that excitement may just be so contagious that you can’t help but feel uplifted and join in.”