Trump is happy to report that he’s more popular than ‘The Bachelor’

Donald Trump is very happy to report that he is currently more popular than The Bachelor and Monday Night Football, after the White House Press Conference topped the U.S. ratings overnight. The POTUS tweeted the news on Sunday night, quoting from statistics published in the New York Times.

On that very same day, the United States’ death toll from coronavirus surpassed 2,000 and leading immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted that “millions” of cases and between 100,000 to 200,000 deaths would result nationally from the pandemic.

Donald Trump

The US is being ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, with over 2,000 lives already lost and over 100,000 deaths predicted. Trump doesn’t seem too worried though.

Despite his administration traditionally avoiding public press briefings, Trump has been broadcasting daily briefings leading to a dramatic rise in his approval ratings.  Many networks have been considering not airing these conferences due to the President’s tendency to promote misinformation and mislead the public on crucial matters.