Trump’s US-Mexico border wall is being washed away by monsoon rains

Monsoon storms have damaged sections of Trump’s border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Even Mother Nature is over the former US president.

In a photograph shared by Gizmodo, a part of the billionaire-turned-politician’s wall is shown to be severely damaged from the monsoon rains that have lashed southern Arizona since June.

Trump wall
Photo: Kevin Cooley/Redux/Eyevine

The image was taken “near San Bernardino Ranch,” located between Douglas, Arizona and the San Bernardino Wildlife Refuge.

The wall’s floodgates, approximately six, have been torn from their hinges by the powerful storms. Much of the material is rusted with vegetation and mud clumping around it.

The rains lashing the desert state have brought record-breaking amounts of water to the area.

Reportedly, Douglas has experienced “double its average monsoon season rainfall”. The “Arizona-Sonora border” has also experienced flooding due to the storms.

In regards to Trump’s wall, experts are saying that its current state was bound to happen.

The majority of the work that went into its construction had been outsourced to companies that did not have an in-depth understanding of Arizona’s environmental laws.

Trump’s “rush to build the wall” is also considered a factor to explain its current state.

According to Gizmodo, Trump “sidelined environmental and cultural protection laws” that ensure the preservation of the environment when undertaking large-scale construction projects.

Simply put, the wall was not constructed well enough to withstand southern Arizona’s weather.

Myles Traphagen, the borderlands program coordinator of the Wildlands Network (an organisation dedicated to preserving the natural spaces of North America’s ecosystems), had this to say on the matter:

“It’s clear that these were not companies that really were taking the long-term integrity of the product into account,” they said.

“The sad thing is that it was overseen by the Army Corps of Engineers. The Army Corps has a long and illustrious history Taking off the environmental hat, when you’re building dams, the snail darters die out and salmon are affected.

“However, the bottom line is that there is an economic net gain by society … whereas the border wall is a complete suck of money. We don’t benefit by any of that.”

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden halted any further construction on the wall.

In June, the White House budget office announced that the US government “will return more than $2 billion in funds” that were meant to go towards the border wall’s construction. Instead, the remaining money would go towards cleaning up the site.