Trump’s “very powerful” border wall blown down by strong wind

American President Donald Trump’s “impenetrable” border wall came crashing down into Mexico on Wednesday, after the breeze picked up a little. The 10-metre structure, championed by Trump, collapsed near Calexico, CA, with winds blowing sections of newly installed panels into trees.

According to Trump, “nobody builds walls better than” him and the project would create “a border like you’ve never seen before.”

Trump border wall collapses
Photo: Reuters / Win McNamee / Pool

Donald Trump’s border wall has been torn to shreds by strong winds. It’s a lucky thing he’s such a good builder.

The affected section was under construction and sitting in unset concrete at the time of the collapse. The US National Weather Service reported the winds to have reached 48km/h.

The border wall has been a cornerstone of the Trump presidency, with many criticising the expense and inefficiency of the project. The ongoing construction was intended to stop illegal migration across the over 3,000 km US-Mexico border.

Last year, a video of people in Mexico scaling the border and sliding back down went viral. There were also reports of smugglers cutting through areas of the wall to get past, or stealing wires to resell in Tijuana.