TYA reinvent their sound in groovy new remix of Midnight Drive Through

TYA unveil groovy new remix of Midnight Drive Through, teasing things to come

TYA are back with a fresh new tune, set to turn you into ‘that guy’ on public transport rocking out with their earphones on.

A remix of their original debut single Midnight Drive Through, the new track is a collaboration with Chase Atlantic’s Mitch Cave (CHXSE) and it’s a groovy slice of electronic-pop pie. The remix is a taste of what’s to come for TYA, taking a new direction sonically and pushing the boundaries in their production.

TYA can be recognised for their sensual textures and ambient synths, through honest lyricism and the close relationship they have with music, their instruments and one another.

Now, it’s not uncommon for feelings of apprehension to creep in when a banger of a song is remixed, for fear of what the end product may have done.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about such things on the Midnight Drive Through remix. It’s been re-invented as a sonic masterpiece, a seemingly impossible step up from the original.

The cinematic track is a slow-moving three minutes of soft beats and delicate textures, with a cheeky little drop which bursts into a whirlwind of electronics and distorted vocals. The minimalism of the track allows the emotion and groove to truly shine through, a style the group plan to identify withon releases to come.

TYA originally went by the name of The Young Art, where they unveiled a full-length record with musical talents such as Emma Louise and The Medics. The duo have previously played support for an impressive string of acts such as Wolfmother, Sheppard, Eskimo Joe, Bluejuice, Ball Park Music, The Jungle Giants, The Belligerents and Birds of Tokyo.

If you enjoyed this little slice of minimalistic electronica, you can immerse yourself in more groovy goodness in TYA’s Debut EP No Money, More Love which is out now.


TYA will be playing at The Toff, Melbourne on Thursday March 1st, taking support duties at Chester Brix and Davy Simony’s dual single launch. Details here.