Cop your favourite rapper’s voice with Uberduck

Viral AI software Uberduck sings your lyrics with the grit of Tupac, the class of Attenborough, or the annoying tones of Spongebob.

Uberduck, the latest in text-to-speech AI technology, is taking your lyrics and re-routing them to the sounds of rappers, cartoons, characters, and celebrities.

It’s the online software that unsurprisingly has taken social media — especially TikTok — by storm with some of the most popular voices in the trend being that of Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.

Nicki and Kanye

With work on this creative speech tool beginning in 2020, fans have marvelled at the intuitive program, allowing you to choose from a vast array of iconic voices, shaking up speech patterns and turning your words into spoken art from some of the biggest celebrities.

It comes at a time where AI and deepfake trends are becoming abundant across the internet. It’s the 21st century’s answer to photoshopping and one that has seen Barack Obama call Donald Trump a “complete dipshit” or have Mark Zuckerburg bragging about having “total control over billions of people’s data”.

Although the Uberduck text-to-speech program is nothing more than a creative tool enabling users to have some fun with familiar voices and shake up the sounds of their lyrics, it does highlight greater growing trends in mimicking celebrities and cartoon characters through artificial intelligence.


It’s not if the robots will be in full control, but when. Before you know it, you could be recording your voice and turning it into the sound of your mum giving you permission to skip a day of school.

To have a go for yourself, head to Uberduck.