Em George paints an indie-folk ‘Metropolis’ dream in new single

Indie-folk singer/songwriter, Em George releases her glistening new track, Metropolis, ahead of her upcoming EP.

Sydney creative, Em George, blooms in the midst of urban chaos with her new single, Metropolis

The track comes after the release of two widely successful EP’s, and an upcoming third EP, which will inevitability carry on the George’s sharpened sound.

Image: Charlie Hardy

Metropolis is a dreamy tune, melting in soft pastels and rosy hues. It wraps around the mind like a sonically illuminating blanket, warm and all-consuming. George’s raw folk tone slides with ease along the slopes of an acoustic guitar and soft drum rhythm,

Recorded at Golden Retriever Studios by producer Pete Covington (Middle Kids, Thelma Plum), the track oozes with a nostalgic level of thoughtfulness, harnessed from George’s years in a studio at a young age.

The songwriter and vocalist attributes her new sound to the echoes of 70’s artists such as Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Carole King and Stevie Nicks. “I feel incredibly excited and at peace with this song, it flowed easily in terms of writing it and I’m excited to release the rest of this new EP” George say.


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The track was inspired by the nostalgic memories the mind runs through like film. From her first love, to a separate traumatic event that occurred at the same time, George shows no fear deep diving into her world, pouring stories through the colour-bursting lyrics as she sings; “it will never feel so sublime and we can never go back”. 

You can feel the emotion pumping through George’s veins in all-consuming ease and effortlessness – it’s simply infatuating. Whilst we wait in anticipation for the EP to come, we can become immersed in the Metropolis created by the artist.

Check out Em George’s track below: