A UK Women is painting houses in run-down areas to brighten up the city

British painter Tash Frootko is painting houses in all of the colours of the rainbow in her new hometown of Gloucester in a project to liven up the city.

Tash Frootko started this journey 4 years ago. Forget about painting the town red, Frootko is out for the entire rainbow, and apparently, the residents are enthralled by her efforts to brighten up the town. While it reminds me of the rainbow in Prince Alfred Park, Sydney, the colours will perfectly complement the grey of a cold British day or one full of sunshine.

Speaking to SWNS, founder of Rainbow House, Frootko said of the residential reaction: “People will now refer to this area of the city as the Rainbow Square—and it’s the most colourful square in the country.”

rainbow street
Credit: BBC

She continued: “The response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive. All generations and cultures are enjoying what I do and asking me to continue on and transform run-down parts of the city that people tend to make a negative opinion on.”

“It is such an honour to improve the look of the city for its residents and visitors. Everyone deserves to live in a wonderful environment and to love where they live.”

The painter moved to Gloucester over 20 years ago and hasn’t left. While there will always be local pride in one’s hometown, sometimes a foreigner can inject new life, or in this case, colour.

While Frootko has become known for creating the Rainbow Street, on St Mark St, it’s now with her Rainbow House partners that she’s doing something even better. Throughout this month, she and her team will be painting 25 houses on three adjoining streets to create a rainbow square.

Her goal is to make her rainbow a tourist attraction. “I see Gloucester as a huge blank canvas… and see potential in everything,” she said.

Thanks to Rainbow House, this canvas will only get larger and gain more colour. The rainbow doesn’t have to end.