A24’s screenplay books are out of this world

Production company A24 are releasing screenplays of their phenomenal movies as coffee table books and they are to die for.

Into all things film? A24 might just be the coolest thing to come out of the film industry since Dreamworks incorporated their music catalogue into their films and gave kids a musical education they didn’t know they needed. Think Eels My Beloved Monster in Shrek.

With groundbreaking films like Everywhere all at Once, Ladybird, Ex-Machina, and Uncut Gems under their belt, A24 can pretty much do no wrong. In fact, they are continuously getting things right, not only with their choice of directors, storylines, and casting that encompasses different genders, races, and backgrounds, but going out of their way to produce stories that are relatable and imaginative. It’s worth noting that some of A24’s best releases have been about women. 

A24 screenplay books

Credit: A24

A24 have been producing screenplay books alongside their standout film list, and book number 008, The Lobster Screenplay Book, is something I think we all need on our bookshelves or coffee table. Wherever you put it, a good-looking, inspirational book gracing your home actually elevates the overall consciousness of your house…think about that for a minute.

The original film follows David (Colin Farrell) after his wife leaves him he is transported to a hotel where he has to find a partner in 45 days, and if he fails, well he will be transformed into an animal of his liking. Interestingly, David chooses a Lobster. Played brilliantly by Farrell, alongside a stellar cast of Rachel Weisz, Olivia Coleman, and John C Reily, this unique film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos deserves the best companion piece it can get, and A24 has done it justice.

Book 008 in the Screenplay Collection includes a forward by Emma Stone, an essay by author Ottessa Moshfegh titled Blinded By Love, and behind-the-scenes set photography by Lanthimos. The photo of Farell smoking a ciggie on the window ledge is worth it in itself, and Rachel Weisz…..need I say more?

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