Urban groove aficionado Farai Katiyo unveils part two of his eclectic EP

A man of much ambition and talent, Farai Katiyo has not been meek in material. Farai has released another five tracks as the lighter and brighter response to part one of his double-EP, Yesterday, Today & Forever God is Good 1.

Melbourne rapper Farai Katiyo releases part two of his EP Today, Yesterday & Forever God is Good Part 2: a lighted-hearted answer to the darker themes driving his motivational approach to making music.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Farai Katiyo has a wealth of experiences that travel affords. At the crux of his music making is his story telling. Where part one brought the heaviness of topics including racism and domestic violence, part two leans on a more commonplace relatability.

In breaking down the gemini attitude of the EP, Farai says of part two:

“The mood is very vibrant because I talk about light-hearted things. I talk about love, getting engaged, partying, apologising, writing our wrongs, overcoming bullies, and God’s goodness.”

True to self, Farai kicks off the EP with a track that speaks of self motivation and empowerment. An air-tight beat plunges you into the feel-good motif. Stick and Stones is about celebrating the revival of the ego after discrimination. Farai pairs slinky R&B pacing with a jungly rhythm that’s only broken momentarily for feature singer, Assiel.

Farai Katiyo is no stranger to collaboration. Both lyrically and constructively, he continues to make inclusivity at the heart of his artistry. Part two features a number of rappers and singers that help make this an incredibly flavoursome EP. Much like the female interludes typically seen in the electronica genre, singers like Assiel and Vikaye bring a sensuality and softness to the otherwise masculine tracks. Where hip-hop can sometimes feel misogynistic, Farai brings the equality.

Adding more to the incredible anthology of music already in the world, Farai once again showcases his ability to diversify and create. T.U.L.U closes the EP with a rush of futuristic samples, varying from club-like billows of production to bright high-hat clinking. It’s chaotic and cathartic all at once.

One this is certain, Farai Katiyo is an artist with an immense calling to share his truth. The power of music does the rest. Check out the video for So Young from Yesterday, Today, Forever God is Good Part 2 below: