Hear Blade Runner composer Vangelis’ rejected arrangements from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos

Vangelis is a name you’ve probably heard more than ever lately. As the press storm around Blade Runner 2049 swelled to dangerous levels, so too did interest (and a spot of drama) around the film’s soundtrack.

The soundtrack to the original Blade Runner is nothing short of iconic, and is likely Vangelis’ most renowned work alongside Chariots of Fire. It set the bar for sci-fi moodiness, elevating Ridley Scott’s noir-tinged masterpiece into a full-blown cult classic.

Yet for as much of Vangelis’ work which you can find online, a great deal of it was never formally released.

cosmos vangelis soundtrack unreleased carl sagan

Hear the lost Cosmos soundtrack performed by Vangelis, a crystal clear, cinematic synth composition straight from the outer reachers.

Cosmos, the fundamental 1980s space series created and hosted by Carl Sagan, featured an absolute feast of vintage synth work. But what many don’t know is that Vangelis was pinned for the special edition’s soundtrack, and ended up composing a six movement track.

Only one piece of this composition was ever released – the sixth movement under the name Comet 16 (which you can also find below). The first five movements were never included in the final edition of Cosmos, yet somehow they’ve surfaced on the internet. Listen below.

Via Synthtopia.