Original take: Vanilla Ice reckons the 90s were the ‘greatest decade’

The American rapper also reckons that computers and iPhones destroyed pop culture and that our generation isn’t cool. Calm down, mate.

Vanilla Ice has randomly listed reasons why the ’90s are superior while also having an opinion on the LeBron James vs Michael Jordan sneaker sales.

Big opinions coming from someone who played to a mostly maskless audience at Donald Trump’s NYE party. Ew.

A still from Vanilla Ice's rant

It’s a bit prophetic. The song Video Killed the Radio Star by the ’80s group The Buggles.

Except now, videos are a commodity of the past. Even DVDs are now redundant.

Now it’s iPhone Killed the Radio Star or Podcast Killed the Radio Star.

At least, according to Vanilla Ice, who believes that computers have been pop culture’s downfall. Shouldn’t he be happy that Dave Franco is going to play him in a biopic?

The ’90s was undoubtedly quite ‘aesthetic’ with music and fashion continuing to thrive today (I have been trying to find daisy and butterfly clips on eBay to live my best 5-year-old life).

It was a formative era for artists like Vanilla Ice, perhaps his peak, with his notorious hit Ice Ice Baby.

Unfortunately for Mr Ice being in the limelight for a few years, he hasn’t been able to acquire that level of fame again – when he dated Madonna. One-hit-wonders are important too, you know.

Nonetheless, he hasn’t been forgotten and remains an icon. He recently sat down with TMZ to share his thots and comments on music’s evolution,

“It was the greatest decade ever before computers ruined the world,” he boldly stated. If we’re going to shit on computers, you need to blame the ’80s Vanilla Ice.
You have to realise that in 2004, the iPhone came out, right? So what’s happened in pop culture since 2004 to ’21? Nothing! It’s the lost generation. Pop culture’s dead!” Um, no, Vanilla Ice.
The iPhone came out in 2007. I remember because one rich kid was the first person in my year group to have it.
He continued to call the “90s the ‘last generation where pop culture was alive,” and to reflect on what I said about aesthetics, he also said, “fashion that actually mimicked the music.”Has Vanilla Ice been cryogenically frozen? The ’90s are still heavily doted upon today. I recently rewatched the 1997 Disney masterpiece that is Hercules. Because the ’90s are still thriving and influencing our pop culture today.While shitting on computers, Mr Ice shits on our generation, saying that he doesn’t believe we can “come out with anything cool”. Incorrect. He obviously doesn’t know about surfbort.

He also commented that LeBron James can’t come close to outselling Michael Jordan’s famous Air Jordans, despite Jordan not playing basketball in decades.

Suffice to say, Vanilla Ice has been ruminating on these opinions for quite a while. Check out his rant,