Via and Ayzia shine with harmonic chemistry on Real With Me

Via and Ayzia shine with harmonic chemistry on Real With Me

Young Melbourne up and comers Via and Ayzia have come together to collaborate on a soulful RnB anthem, Real With Me.

The new tune tells the tale of a complicated love triangle as they lay down the law with style and grace. Prepare yourself for some seriously impressive vocal power!

Via Ayzia


Nobody wants to feel like they’re the footnote in someone else’s love story. Via and Ayzia tell their lovers what’s up with an irresistibly electric slice of RnB heaven.

New love can bring up uncomfortable feelings regarding the old. In the dreamy new track from Melbourne up and comers Via and Ayzia, the duo profess impassioned truths and lay down the laws of love; all with an impressive vocal range to explore.

Ayzia, aka Jessica Aiezza, has established herself as a promising up and comer in the Melbourne RnB scene. Her stellar debut with Via is a masterclass in vocal harmony as the two singers strive to perfect classic RnB with a distinct modern edge. The dreamy synth swells and snappy drum hits create a gooey groove that serves the song perfectly without distracting from the true talent on display.

By exploring themes of trust and honesty, it’s clear that the girls are writing to connect with their audience. Betrayal and boundaries within relationships are often hard topics to delve into, yet Via and Ayzia wear their hearts on their sleeves. Both singers possess sensational voices and they aren’t afraid to explore the heights of their impressive ranges and control. The entire track is interwoven with incredible RnB flourishes as they float and dance upon the stripped back instrumentation, calling you to simple close your eyes and smile.

Real With Me is a sonic departure from Via’s roots on previously released track Breathe Again. Via found her start in writing ballads and Real With Me displaying her growth to soulful RnB repertoire. Utilising crisp drum samples with a minimalistic keys line the track stands as the perfect concoction of soul, funk and honest to god talent.

Check out Real With Me below:

The harmonic chemistry shown between Via and Ayzia really shines on this new single. While it’s only a snapshot of the early days for both artists, their ability to deliver punchy melodies backed with complementary harmonies is stunning and hints at great things to com.

The duo will be launching Real With Me this Sunday at the Evelyn Hotel in Brunswick.