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Vid O' the Week – Liam Finn

liam finn

I don’t know what is in the water in New Zealand. I’ve never been there and to be honest, it never really appealed to me as a travel destination. I always used to associate it with Lord of the Rings, cold weather and those tweed jumpers that make you feel itchy.

liam finnHe looks like a hobbit and he’ll melt your face off. Our Manga inspired Vid O’ the Week, Burn up the Road, lives somewhere between Speed Racer (the original) and Dragon Booster. Sick!

That was six months ago. But ever since I was handed the key to whatever the Tasman’s equivalent of Pandora’s Box is, I’ve been mesmerized by the place. The music that pours outta this country is some of the most original, refined, intelligent and energetic that I’ve ever come across. I know its silly to make blanket calls like “NEW ZEALAND PRODUCES GOOD MUSIC”, but it really does just seem to keep giving and giving.

We first wrote about Liam Finn (yes, son of Tim and best friend of Connan Mockasin) a few months back after hearing Snug As Fuck, which at the time was the first taste of his album The Nihilist (which dropped in April).Breathy, synthy, full of high notes and distorted, twisted pop, Snug As Fuck was a strong taste tester. I thought I might have known what was to come. Turns out, I didn’t. Here I present to you Finn’s new clip and single, Burn Up The Road.

Its like a strange nightmare (or dream to some) where you’re trapped inside a Manga inspired video game somewhere between Speed Racer and Dragon Booster. The clip is sick, and the track is like some weird version of The Cure on crack. I absolutely love it. At 5 minutes long, it just keeps on giving, jumping levels to sky high degrees of coolness and topped off by a face melting electric solo. And a cameo from Kirin J Callinan.

I’m a big fan of The Finns. Do yourselves a favour…



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June 26, 2014