Video of an opossum pushing an unsuspecting skunk into a pond wins 2020 Trail Cam contest

2020 has seen some pretty terrible happenings, but this absolute jerk of an opossum may just take the cake after preying on an unsuspecting skunk.

A recent competition hosted by Trail Cam Pro has brought about some of nature’s best and worst moments, and the winner is one hilarious video of an opossum pushing a skunk into a pond.

The nighttime footage, captured by Betsy Potter, sees a skunk innocently taking a drink from a pond when a criminal opossum sneaks up from behind and pushes it into the water, before scurrying off into the night.

Photo: Cody Pope

“Some possums just want to watch the world burn,” YouTube user Arielle replied to the video, and tbh, that’s a pretty excellent appraisal of the whole scenario in which the opossum appears to have no motivation other than to just be a troll.

The annual competition calls for the best footage captured with a trail cam. Other contenders for this year’s title were a video of a deer breathing out clouds of water vapour, a bobcat very quickly chasing down its prey before jumping at the lens, and a turkey freaking out as it’s swooped.

Check out the hilarious video below.

Opossums are native American marsupials more or less famous for their survival skills, large array of habitats, and very peculiar defence mechanism.

There is no shortage of dramatic shots of opossums faking death to avoid fighting or being eaten (you’d think that’d make it worse), so much so that the animal is now known as a ‘playing possum.’

But what’s so unusual about this trait is the fact the opossum itself has absolutely no control over when it happens. This involuntary reaction is triggered when experiencing intense fear, at which point it freezes and drops to the ground as if it had fainted, where it will remain for hours with its tongue pointing out.

The little creatures are also very well known for the tenacious, and almost mischievous ways of survival, always on the lookout for food or shelter opportunities – or the opportunity to play a cheeky prank of an unsuspecting skunk.

It’s been a hell of a year, but this little guy has gone and pushed it too far.

Check out some other favourite entries below.