Meet VOC-25: the latest creation from the mind of Love Hultén

The VOC-25 is an eccentric synthesizer from Love Hultén – appropriating an original project by robotics enthusiast Simone Giertz that uses plastic teeth to make music.

Earlier this year, Swedish builder Love Hultén created the MMXS — a marble-powered synthesizer that was made from a Meccano set. His latest synth adventure is the VOC-25.

The conceptual vocal synthesizer is based on the Axoloti Core Synth with 25 sets of plastic teeth. Each set represents a different note on the keyboard. The original design was conceived by fellow Swedish builder, Simone Giertz, a self-proclaimed “expert in shitty robots”. The seed for Giertz’ teeth-clacking synthesizer was inspired by the way in which we show our appreciation by clapping our hands.

VOC 25

Love Hultén took the concept of the teeth “choir” and applied his knack for traditional craftsmanship fused with modern tech. He modelled his tribute on a classic computer desktop, with a three-part wooden setup consisting of a monitor, main console and keyboard.

The voicebank is achieved by RAW vocal audio samples which are fed into the main console via USB. There are built-in effects including reverb and delay. The Axoloti board inputs MIDI via the 25-key keyboard, which also outputs MIDI.

The setup can be used standalone with its built-in speakers, but also outputs at the back for external monitors. Love Hultén recommends the use of external monitors to reduce mechanical noise — just in case that teeth-clacking becomes a little too much.

It’s always a pleasure to see what comes out of his studio. Explore more Love Hultén designs on his website.