THE DM SZN's debut EP is an energetic reaction against our digital age

THE DM SZN’s debut EP is an energetic reaction against our digital age

Vol. 1 is the first set of tapes from THE DM SZN, a group of four Sydney-based artists who’ve fused for the one project.

Reminiscent of late 90’s and early 2000’s hip-hop and R&B, their style is defined by the way they bring these childhood influences to a modern perspective of our digital generation.


Vol. 1 is here to comment on the direct message season (or THE DM SZN) of our digital generation with their 2000s inspired R&B and old-school hip-hop.

En Route opens the EP with a dialogue between a driver and a passenger, sharing frustration and confusion in the world driven by social media and digital communication. This sets the tone of an album that discusses the changing landscape of communication in our generation. As the driver “pops the tape” from the introductory audio, THE DM SZN take us on a ride, track by track, exploring a different element of the digital age.

A few tracks in, Y U Gotta echoes the pettiness of what our generation cares about, and fights over. The rappers’ complaints are laid down over a skittish, upbeat track with a catchy little hook. 

Gossip is one of the most well-developed songs on the EP, with a gospel vibe seeping through the accompaniment of organ sounds and heavily layered harmonies. A piece about the power of gossip to turn to religion, it’s one of their more thoughtful comments on the potency of social media and the fabrication of false information. 

Don’t Assume provides a breather on the journey, with a soft piano-led interlude allowing the listener to chill out for a moment and sit back to the smooth vocals and relaxed beats. Well-paced percussion, jazz-leaning piano composition and steamy vocal melodies showcase their R&B sensibilities. Even though it’s typically an outlier on the EP, the group really settles into their sound on this one.

Equally as smooth on the production front, Tension finishes the EP, reminding us all of the issues that rest just under the surface of our digital interactions. 

Plug into the full EP above.

The DM SZN are playing live soon, deets here:

I.C.E. 8 Victoria Rd, Parramatta
Saturday, 6th of July
FREE and All-ages
Drug and alcohol free
Time: 2pm – 6pm