This collection of David Lynch-directed commercials is the best

With clients such as Calvin Klein, this thirty-minute compilation of commercials directed by David Lynch is the greatest thing you’ll watch this week.

Yes, that’s correct, David Lynch has directed over thirty minutes worth of commercials throughout his career… and oh my lord, they’re incredible.

If you’ve ever seen a Lynch film, you might be struggling to imagine what a commercial directed by him would look like. But rest assured, he nails them all.

David Lynch

Lynch’s discography is one of the most iconic in film history, being responsible for such flicks as Eraserhead, Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, and of course Twin Peaks.

It seems that the advertising industry wanted a slice of what Lynch was serving out, and recruited him to direct a number of advertisements for some pretty heavy-hitting clients.

The first clip of the compilation is an advert for a Calvin Klein fragrance named Obsession, featuring some pretty romantic lines courtesy of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A few years after those Calvin Klein ads, he directed a mini-season of Twin Peaks to promote Georgia Coffee, one of the top www.buyvaliumonline.com brands of canned coffee in Japan.

Do yourself a favour and watch the commercial compilation below. It’s the best thing you’ll do today.