Snoop Dogg narrating that epic iguana chase from Planet Earth is even better than Attenborough

Yeah I know, big call, but just listen to this shit. I’ll be the last man in the world to say a bad words against Sir David, but there’s something about Snoop Dogg that gets me every time.

He always looks so comfy and content, and a couple of platinum rap records are a pretty clear indicator that he has a fine voice to listen to.

After the first Planet Earth series came around, Snoop took it upon himself to narrate a bunch of scenes from the epic doco. He called it Plizzanet Earth, because of course he did. Well last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! he took on his first sequence from the more recent Planet Earth II, that heart stopping chase scene between an iguana and a hungry snake horde which had the internet aflame.

plizzanet earth snoop dogg iguana chase scene

Snoop Dogg has exceeded all expectations with Plizzanet Earth II, narrating one of the most stressful scenes of the BBC series with utter pizzaz.

“Oh they comin’ from everywhere cuz, this is crazy!”

While you’re in a Planet Earth kinda mood, check out this amazing, BBC-approved rework of Hoppípolla, an original Sigur Ròs track which appeared in the first Planet Earth series.

Via NME.