The geniuses behind Planet Earth have joined the geniuses of Sigur Ròs to create a genius remix to the genius track Hoppípolla

Sigur Rós, The Icelandic band we’ve come to know through like, every movie soundtrack ever, has just recorded a reworked version of Hoppípolla for Planet Earth 2.



Sigur Rós has been known to turn down outside commercial offers, but have announced they are “proud to be associated” with the BBC project Planet Earth 2.

Who could possibly turn Sir David Attenborough down?

The original track, aka The Money Song, was first featured in the 2006 Planet Earth series, and has since been used for the 2010 Winter Olympics promotional video and a bunch of film trailers.

With the same uplifting, ethereal sound and “Hopelandic” lyrics, Hoppípolla’s new mix will not disappoint. The unique new additions lie in the accentuation of the fragile, quiet elements of the song, and the bolstering of dynamics during the more robust sections. It’s a real goose bumper.

When the team at BBC Creative approached them, the band were in the middle of their world tour, so the possibility of rerecording the track was off the table. That didn’t stop the four from rallying together to dig up all original masters and unheard elements to mix and produce a truly breathtaking revival.

In Iceland we are blessed with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of wild and untamed places” Sigur Rós told the BBC. “If lost, the Icelandic highlands are not recoverable. Around the world the story is the same.”

With a passion for conserving the beautiful yet fragile planet we call home, the band jumped on board the Planet Earth mission once again, and we couldn’t be Hopp-ier.