Watch Will Smith perform ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ theme tune as a bedtime story

Will Smith made a very special appearance at Times Square for the World’s Big Sleep Out to perform a special version of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

Smith performed a rendition of the theme song for his hit ’90s show as a “bedtime story,” and told the crowd how his role as a homeless man in his 2006 film The Pursuit of Happiness, was an eye-opening experience.

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Will Smith performed in Times Square to an audience of hundreds who were sleeping outdoors for the World’s Big Sleep Out, a global fundraiser that aims to put a stop to homelessness.

With around 60 events held worldwide, volunteers gather to participate in the Sleep Out to raise money and awareness for the important cause. The goal of the event was to raise $50 million for local and international charities, with more than 50,000 people getting involved.

Over the years, World’s Big Sleep Out events have seen some pretty cool guest appearances and the hundreds gathered at Times Square were sent into a frenzy when Will Smith took to the stage. Smith opened up about why the issue of homelessness is important to him:

“It makes me emotional thinking about it right and you know to not have a place to go and go be able to lay your head down with your children at night is a horrendous tragedy.”

Big Sleep Out founder Josh Littlejohn also discussed the importance of the event: 

“Having worked with homeless people for the last seven years, I know how invisible and forgotten people can feel. What the incredible 60,000 people who slept out all over the world have done tonight is to shine the spotlight on this global issue and show that we care. I am truly blown away by the response to our campaign, in NYC and all over the world, and am sincerely grateful to every single person who has given up their beds tonight to raise the funds and awareness needed to make an impact. I hope that what happened in this campaign demonstrates a clear mandate for political action to tackle the homelessness crisis in NYC and all over the planet.”

Watch Will Smith’s special rendition of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air below: